Нэмэгдсэн: 2017-03-21 15:00:00

Dr. Davaasuren Sodnomdarjaa, Chair of the FRC and Mr. Ulziibat Molomjamts, Director of the Insurance Department have participated in the “Inclusive Insurance Asia Public Private Dialogue and Microinsurance Learning Sessions” held in Hanoi, Vietnam. Insurance regulators and private sector delegates from Vietnam, Pakistan, Bali, Philippine, Cambodia and Sri-lanka have shared their insights within the emerging topics including “Financial education”, “Regulation and Supervision” and “Sales Channels and Technology”.

In the sector meetings titled “Financial education” and “Sales Channels & Technology” which were discussing about partnership between public and private sector, Dr. Davaasuren Sodnomdarjaa and Mr. Ulziibat Molomjamts have participated as regulator-panelists and discussed situations of Mongolian inclusive insurance market, its challenges and solutions.

During “Financial knowledge” session, Mr. Mohamed Mukhlasin, Chairman of the Financial Service Agency of Indonesia has presented about effective approaches for enhancing citizens’ knowledge on micro-insurance, and regulators and private sector delegates of Mongolia, Indonesia, Philippine and Vietnam have shared the experiences.

Mr. Yoga Prasetyo and Mr. Muhammed Ali Ahmed, the delegates of private life insurance sector of Indonesia and Pakistan have presented main presentations during “Sales Channels and Technology” meeting and other regulators and private sector delegates from Mongolia, Indonesia, Pakistan and Bali have put their methodologies in discussion.

Mr. Erdenebaatar.P, Chief Executive Officer of “Monre Daatgal” LLC and Ms. Myagmarkhand.B, Manager of the “Ulaanbaatar City Daatgal” LLC have participated in the meetings as a sector-panelists.